IIU Annual Offerings

Each WSIA program year (July 1 through June 30th), our Industrial Insurance University offers the following courses. Check our calendar of events page for the upcoming schedule of classes.

Introduction to Claims Management

Part one of our claims training series, this is a foundational course. Introduction to Claims Management is a two-day course for those new to claims (generally those with less than three years experience handling time loss claims).  In this course, we provide a brief history of workers’ compensation, and instruction on basic claims handling, in the following areas: investigation, compensability, apportionment, communication, medical management, disability management, reserving, claim closure, permanent partial disability compensation, legislative updates, introduction to litigation and litigation management, and integrating investigation, medical, disability, and litigation management. Attendees will build a claim file from handouts provided in each of the various topics covered which will allow them to learn how claims develop and how various forms and letters are properly used in management of a claim. Attendees will also receive digital reference materials containing key documents for future reference.

Complex Claims Management

Part two of our claims training series, Complex Claims Management is a two-day course for those with more claims handling experience (generally those with at least three years experience handling time loss claims).  In this course, we tackle the more complicated areas of claims management, such as complex compensability issues, proactive and appropriate use of vendors, other laws which impact workers’ compensation, complex claim investigation, vocational assessments & retraining, pensions & 2nd injury fund, willful misrepresentation, challenging claim reopening, recommendations for structured settlements, and preparing your best defense. The course is structured to allow for training on each topic followed by an interactive discussion of various hypothetical scenarios and real cases.  Guest speakers complement the panel of instructors. Calculations are not addressed in this course. Attendees receive digital reference materials containing key documents for future reference.

Legal Issues Workshop

This two-day workshop on current workers’ compensation legal and legislative issues helps attendees keep up-to-date on the latest legal happenings and includes in-depth discussions of the cases that will impact your program. This course is a member favorite!

Certification Review

Quarterly, the two days immediately preceding the Certification Test

Our Certification Review Course is for those who are taking the Department’s Claims Administrator Test. We continue to update this course to mirror the Department’s testing procedures. During class, attendees will access key references via on-line links rather than using the binder with paper references previously provided. In-class exercises will still be paper handouts, but attendees will need to access reference materials on a laptop in order to complete them. We will still provide hard copies of calculation forms.

The course is typically the two days just prior to each quarterly test.  On the first day we focus on calculations and all the factors that impact those calculations.  Attendees will complete several exercises, practice calculations, and take a practice test.  On the second day we focus on policies, rules and laws and also provide some tips for taking the test. There will again be several exercises and a practice test on the material covered that day.  This course is only for WSIA members and provides a significant edge when taking the Department’s test.  The pass ratio for the course attendees is consistently higher than for the testers in general.

How to Self-Insure Workshop

This workshop is intended for State Fund employers and provides a comprehensive overview of the financial, regulatory, legal, managerial, safety, and other requirements of becoming and maintaining a self-insurance program in Washington. It is typically offered once per year and is offered as a complimentary event due to the sponsorship of the workshop's presenters.

Wage Calculation Workshop

Calculation of wages for time loss and pension benefits under Washington's unique statutory scheme is one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of claims management. As a special topic in claims management, we present a special workshop focusing specifically on how to calculate wages in Washington, including time loss, loss of earning power, and permanent partial disability calculations. Topics such as the Department's Wage Consistency Project and Benefits Accuracy Working Group are also discussed.

Other Items in Research & Development

Additional training programs and formats are under constant research and development by WSIA's professional development coordinator. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions about training topics.