Safety & Accident Prevention

Through the leadership of our Safety Committee, WSIA sponsors a number of specific issue trainings on workplace safety and accident prevention each year, and our yearly Fall Conference event is usually themed around safety and prevention issues. Check our events page for upcoming safety trainings.

Frequently, WSIA safety programming is co-hosted by allied organizations with a mutual interest in accident prevention, such as the Department of Labor & Industries, the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Washington Farm Bureau, and the Associated General Contractors of Washington.

Recent safety programs include:

WSIA's 2014 Fall Conference - Creating a Culture of Safety: Industry Best Practices and Compliance Updates, 10/3/14

WSIA Workshop, Addressing Workplace Violence, 10/28/14

WSIA Workshop, Eye on DOSH: What to Expect When The Inspector Comes Calling, 05/19/15