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MSQ, a WSIA preferred vendor for ancillary services, pharmacy, and hearing

WSIA has partnered with Medical Service Quotes (MSQ) to provide WSIA members with an outstanding referral source for workers' comp ancillary services, pharmacy benefit services, and hearing services.

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MSQ's platform as a service (PaaS) simplifies and improves workflow management by providing ONE vendor access point, managed through ONE portal. Our clients access their vendors of choice through ONE custom panel, managing ONE electronic connection, ONE billing process and ONE reporting process.

MSQ ensures competitive pricing, through network discounts and competitive bidding on each healthcare product or service. Our platform captures vendor data, offering qualitative information for analysis and educated decision-making.

Learn more below about how MSQ can improve your claims, and take advantage of MSQ's services with complete confidence:

Ancillary Services

With more than 70 years of healthcare experience to procure quotes and coordinate services for a virtually unlimited variety of healthcare products and services. Our AncillaryIQ platform expedites quote procurement, reduces payer costs and ensures better patient care.


Hearing Loss Services

MedicalServiceQuotes.com (MSQ) has partnered with Advanced Hearing Providers (AHP) to become the preferred vendor for WSIA Audiology and Hearing Aid claims administration. MSQ and AHP will be working together to administer authorized services for the claimants of WSIA members.

MSQ and AHP are both national leaders in their respective service offerings. Between MSQ’s centralized referral, reporting and billing platform and AHP’s hearing expertise, the process for handling hearing loss claims for WSIA employers is now extremely efficient:


Pharmacy Benefit Management Services

Our intelligent medication management technology, RxIQ, integrates claims data with point-of-sale medication requests ensuring exceptional customer service and quality patient care. RxIQ provides detailed medication information so a payer can make intelligent decisions when fulfilling prescriptions. All transactions are centralized in RxIQ allowing unlimited analytics.

Unlike other PBMs, MSQ offers COMPLETE pricing transparency. Our clients receive direct network pricing on brand medications. Pharmaceutical rebates are shared with payers. Additional savings occur through the utilization of generic medications along with our home delivery and compounding programs which charge a nominal flat fee.


To submit a referral/script/order please use of the following methods:

Email: quote.request@medicalservicequotes.com

Visit: medicalservicequotes.com

Call toll free: (888) 894-3599

Fax: (303) 484-5210