WSIA Member Awards

Each year at our annual conference, WSIA's leadership considers for special recognition truly exceptional service and leadership by WSIA members. In addition to special recognitions that may be made from time to time, the association recognizes professional excellence and service with two special association awards.

The Evergreen Award

Not necessarily awarded every year, the WSIA President's Evergreen Award, initiated in 1994, is given to honor an individual's knowledge, accomplishments, and efforts on behalf of the self-insured community and Washington's workers' compensation system generally. It is WSIA's "lifetime achievement" award. Past recipients include:

1994        Kenneth L. Gipson
1995        Larry Dittman
1996        Robert A. (Bob) McCallister
1996        Marlin Sande
1997        Thomas R. Chapman
1999        John B. Paque
2000        Lisa Vivian
2001        Judy Schurke
2003        Lori Carlson Daigle
2004        Fred Culberson
2004        Jerry Johnston
2005        Katrina Zitnik
2006        Rebecca Forrestor
2007        Herb Sherburne
2008        Patricia (Pat) Bower
2009        Calhoun (Cal) Dickinson
2010        Donna Egeland
2011        Tina Coakley
2013        Beverly Simmons
2016        Dave Kaplan

The Chet Diehl Award

In 2012, on the 40th anniversary of self-insurance in Washington, WSIA's Board of Directors initiated the Chet Diehl Award for Distinguished Service. Named after the first President of WSIA, the award is intended to acknowledge particular effort and dedication to the workers' compensation profession in the State of Washington. These are people who are role models for many of us.  They have shown integrity and professionalism in dealing with peers, injured workers, and the Department of Labor & Industries. They have made a lasting contribution to our community over many years. Past recipients include:

2012        Natalie DuPree
2013        Gary Atwood
2014        Bob Haugen
2015        Grace Casey
2016        Glenn Hansen
2017        Jan Donley
2018       John Shervey
2019        Gail Pearson