2022 Self-Insurance Colloquium on Occupational Health Best Practices

Tuesday November 15, 2022
8:00 a.m - 12:30 p.m.

Zoom Webcast

The Department of Labor & Industries and the Washington Self-Insurers Association are hosting an Occupational Health Best Practices Colloquium virtual webinar for self-insured employers, claims administrators, and healthcare and vocational services providers.

Downloadable presentations will be linked to the agenda as they are received from the Department (as of 11/16/22):

Topics Include:

  • Long COVID
    • Review of What We Know

  • Panel Discussions – Long COVID
    • Clinical aspects
    • Legal and Adjudicative issues

  • Modified Chronic Opioid Therapy Pilot
    • Presentation, Q & A

  • Utilization Review Outcomes
    • Update on trends in UR outcomes

Continuing Education Credits:

The following professional development credentials will be requested:

  • Certified Claims Administrator –3 credits
  • Certified Disability Management Specialist – 3 credits
  • Washington Worker Compensation Professional (WWCP) - 3 credits

For more information contact:

Susan Reynolds-Sherman, Department of Labor and Industries
360-902-9115, SIColloquium@lni.wa.gov