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Introduction to Claims Management 2022

Two Day Course | 13 Hours (8:30am - 4:00pm each day)

Thursday & Friday November 17-18, 2022
Cost $425, Members, $700 Non-Members

Level: Basic/Intermediate
Issues Covered: Validity | Medical | Compensation | Work Disability Prevention
Faculty Includes: Krishna Balasubramani, Esq. | Kevin Kincade | Julie Busch, MS, CDMS | Lloyd Brooks, WWCP

Credits Available/Pending: WWCP, 13 credits | Dept L&I, 13 claims management credits (pending) | SHRM, 13 credits

Upon completion of all eight WWCP sessions (72-hours) and required coursework, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Starting July 1, 2022, this certificate will be required for application to take the new Self-insurance Claims Administrator Examination administered by the Department of Labor and Industries.

The second step in our IIU's comprehensive, goal-oriented workers' compensation curriculum, Introduction to Claims Management builds on the foundational elements learned in Workers' Comp 101: Industrial Insurance and Work Disability Prevention and focuses on the basic principles of adjudicating Washington workers’ compensation claims. This two-day course provides instruction on basic claims handling in the topic areas listed below. Attendees will receive a link to electronic study materials for use in this and subsequent workshops.

Topics Include:

  • Washington's Statutory Framework: RCW, WAC, Medical Aid Rules, L&I Policy
  • Claim Adjudication Guidelines
  • Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and Significant Decisions
  • Investigation of accidents and claims
  • Compensability of injury and occupational disease claims
  • Apportionment of injuries
  • Communication with injured Workers and other system participants
  • Management of the medical dimensions of the injury claim
  • Medical Aid Rules
  • Fee Schedules and Payment Policies
  • Management of the disability aspects of the injury claim, including leaves of absence and return to work
  • Reserving the cost of the claim
  • Closing the claim
  • Permanent Partial Disability compensation
  • Introduction to litigation and litigation management
  • Integrating investigation, medical, disability, and litigation management

Cancellation Information

No refunds will be given for cancellations made after November 11, 2022.