Wage Calculation Workshop 2016

Inn at Gig Harbor, 3211 56th Street NW, Gig Harbor, Washington

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Calculating an injured worker's wages in Washington's unique and complex system can be, in the recent words of a Labor & Industries internal auditor, "like splitting the atom."

But you shouldn't have to be a nuclear scientist to get it right.  

That's why we're producing this one-day interactive workshop, drawing upon the expertise of staff inside and outside the Department, to teach state fund and self-insured claims handlers how to gather good wage information, get the correct gross monthly wage, and then calculate time loss and loss of earning power benefits correctly through the conclusion of the claim.

Thursday, April 21 2016

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Continuing Education Credits

WSIA will award 5.75 credits, CEC clock hours towards the Washington Workers' Compensation Professional (WWCP) requirements. WA Certified Administrator credits have been applied for.


WSIA Members - $225, breakfast and lunch included

Non-member guests - $350

Cancellation Information

A cancellation fee of $75 will be charged for cancellations received by April 14, 2016.  This is to offset the cost of room rental, reserved meals, and conference material production.

No credit will be given for cancellations made after April 14, 2016.