The WWCP Code of Ethics

WWCPs should always endeavor to place the public interest above their own.

WWCPs should continually seek to maintain and improve their professional knowledge, skills, and competence, and should stay informed on those technical matters that are essential to the maintenance of professional competence in workers’ compensation, risk management, or related fields in Washington State.

WWCPs will obey all laws and regulations and should avoid any conduct or activity which would cause unjust harm to others.  In business and professional activities, WWCPs will not engage in any act or omission of a dishonest, deceitful or fraudulent nature.  WWCPs will not allow the pursuit of financial gain or other personal benefits to interfere with the exercise of sound professional judgment and skills.  WWCPs will not violate any law or regulation relating to professional activities or commit any felony.

WWCPs should be diligent in the performance of their occupational duties and should continually strive to improve the functioning of the insurance mechanism and should competently and consistently discharge his or her occupational duties.

WWCPs should support efforts to affect such improvements to claims settlements, contract design, investment, marketing, pricing, reinsurance, safety engineering, underwriting, and other insurance operations, for both the benefit of the public and to improve the overall efficiency with which the insurance mechanism functions.

WWCPs should assist in maintaining and raising professional standards in the insurance industry.

WWCPs should strive to establish and maintain dignified and honorable relationships with those whom they serve, with fellow insurance practitioners, and with members of other professions.

WWCPs should assist in improving the public understanding of insurance and risk management.  WWCPs should support efforts to provide members of the public with objective information concerning their risk management and insurance needs and the products, services, and techniques that are available to meet their needs.

WWCPs should honor the integrity of the WWCP designation and respect the limitations placed on its use.  WWCPs will not make unfair comparisons between a person who holds the WWCP designation and one who does not.

WWCPs should assist in maintaining the integrity of this Code of Professional Conduct.