Workers' Comp 101: Industrial Insurance and Work Disability Prevention

One Day Course | 7 Hours

On-Demand Video | Recorded Oct. 6, 2020
Cost: $225 Members, $375 Non-Members

Level: Basic/Introductory
Issues Covered: Validity | Medical | Compensation | Work Disability Prevention
Faculty Includes: Lloyd Brooks, WWCP | Michael Harris, P.h.D.

The first step in our IIU's comprehensive, goal-oriented workers' compensation curriculum, this full-day workshop introduces the basic history and principles of industrial insurance including Washington's unique model under Title 51 RCW. This course also introduces the critical importance of work disability prevention and the insurance industry focus on worker-centric return to work practices. Attendees will receive a link to electronic study materials for use in this and subsequent workshops.

Topics Covered

  • History of Industrial Insurance
  • Introduction to industrial insurance principles
  • Insurance rates, classifications and experience rating
  • Washington Workers’ Compensation under Title 51 RCW
  • Claim validity of injury and occupational disease claims
  • Injury reporting and incident investigations
  • Compensability of injury and occupational disease claims
  • Basic calculations:
    • Wage rate
    • Time loss rates
    • Loss of earning power
    • Permanent partial disability awards
  • Department Medical Guidelines for treatment authorization
  • Medical Provider Network
  • The worker-centric approach to Work Disability Prevention
  • Light, Modified, and Transitional return to work models
  • Workers’ Compensation Culture in the workplace
  • Communication with injured workers and other system participants
  • Employability and vocational services
  • Claim closure and impairment awards
  • Resolving claim disputes and protests
  • The Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and the Courts

Self-Study Assignment: Basic Medical Terminology