Complex Claims Management

Two-Day Course | 13 HoursĀ 

On-Demand | Recorded June 23-24, 2021
Cost: $425 Members, $700 Non-Members

Level: Advanced
Issues Covered: Medical, Compensation, Work Disability Prevention
Faculty Includes: Julie Busch, MS, CDMS | Krishna Balasubramani, Esq. | Kevin Kincade | Lloyd Brooks, WWCP

The first in our advanced series, and seventh step in our IIU's comprehensive, goal-oriented workers' compensation curriculum, Complex Claims Management builds on the intermediate principles in prior trainings and brings all phases of claims management into scope for an advanced level of instruction. This two-day course provides instruction on advanced claims handling in the topic areas listed below by industry experts in the claims management, vocational, and legal fields. Attendees will be provided hypothetical claim scenarios for group discussion and collaboration of claim management strategy. Attendees will also receive links to electronic copies of reference materials for use in this and future modules.

Topics Covered

  • Employment Law overlay
  • Complex claim investigations
  • Surveillance and investigative services
  • Willful Misrepresentation
  • Complex course of employment issues
  • Undocumented workers
  • Aggravation versus new injury
  • Complex wage issues
  • Suspension of benefits
  • Complex industrial injury and occupational disease claims
  • Injurious Exposure claims
  • Hearing Loss claims
  • Heart attack/stroke claims
  • Cancer claims
  • PTSD/Mental Health cases
  • Fatality claims
  • Communication with injured workers and other system participants

Attendees take both a pre and post-class quiz as a learning exercise and to measure the effectiveness of the instruction provided.

Pre-class Self-Study Reading Assignments:
Chapter CM5: Hearing Loss
Chapter CM7: Vocational Rehabilitation
Chapter CM11: Pensions and Fatalities
Chapter CM12: Protests and Appeals
Chapter CM13: Dispute Resolution and Structured Settlements
Chapter CM14: Claim Reopening