Special Sponsorship Info for the Online Annual and Beyond

We know these are uncertain and unprecedented times for our members and for WSIA.

Cancelling the planned Annual Conference is a deep blow to our organization.

We are grateful and humbled to continue to showcase our sponsors and exhibitors who are helping us weather this storm. 

These aren't just Annual Conference sponsorships this year - we will be recognizing and showcasing these companies all year across our communications channels as true WSIA champions. 

For companies who may have the ability and would like to participate in this unique marketing opportunity, we will, based on sponsorship level: 

  • Provide ongoing brand showcase during and after the Online Annual
  • Free registrations for the Online Annual
  • During the event and distributed to participants, a brief message (recorded video, PPT slide, graphic, etc.) for sponsors as desired
  • For PPT slides, the option to link to online version of any promotional materials, leave-behinds 
  • Provide special brand recognition through the end of December, 2020 on our website and newsletter

Exhibitors who are able to convert their registration to a sponsorship will receive these benefits as well.

These benefits are available on the original conference's levels-based sponsorship packages -- take a look at those updates and inclusions right here. We're also happy to work with an interested sponsor to tailor a package to meet your needs. 

Contact Kari Heinold with any questions or to get involved. We will add brands to the event as fast as we learn of them.

Thank you for your consideration and continued support of WSIA.