Towards a Safer Workplace....

April 13, 2015

It is our goal at the WSIA to keep all of our members informed regarding the latest trends in safety and claims from Washington and our nation.

Perhaps the most newsworthy report is on the 25 most dangerous industries in Washington. The report covers a number of industries and points some unexpected trends like the increase in injuries related to workplace violence.

Other efforts to target the more dangerous injuries include projects such as the logger safety initiative.

Regarding the more traditional areas of enforcement, Labor and Industries has come out with more news regarding increases in penalties for safety violations and guidance regarding implementation of the new Hazardous Communication standard.

Again regarding the dangers of hazardous materials, the Seattle Times did a series of articles on the dangers associated with lead exposure in gun ranges both here in Washington and all over the nation.

In other news Labor and Industries took enforcement action against companies with confined space violations.

Finally, on the infectious disease front, the news regarding Nina Pham's lawsuit could have a profound effect on the workers' compensation system. For those who may not remember, Nina Pham was the nurse who contracted Ebola while working in a Texas hospital.   Robert Wilson makes some interesting points on why we should be concerned with what happens in Texas.

Please let us know if there are topics and issues you would like to see covered in future posts.