Fall Conference 2016


Embassy Suites Hotel, SeaTac/Tukwila

15920 W Valley Hwy, Seattle, Washington
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This year's Fall Conference is all about getting ready. Getting ready to successfully manage:

  • A rapidly changing regulatory landscape for federal and state workplace safety compliance, with new OSHA rules and policies going into effect this year covering electronic reporting of injuries, public reporting of injury data, post-accident drug testing policies, safety incentive programs, cost-of-living adjustments on penalties, and more
  • Workplace crises of all kinds that can arise in a split second and dramatically affect the workforce
  • Maintaining a strong injury and accident prevention culture while integrating the millennial generation to the workplace.
  • The move to greater prevention and protection through a VPP and other programs
  • A turbulent upcoming state legislative session  

Join us for a day of continuing education and networking, featuring key regulatory and corporate executives, legal experts, and industry thought leaders.


Friday, September 23 2016

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Continuing Education Credits

WSIA will award 6.5 (2 Statutory) CEC units for the Washington Workers' Compensation Professional (WWCP) requirements. The following additional credentials will be applied for and noted when awarded:

  • L&I CEU
  • CRC
  • CDMS
  • WSBA CLE - Approved for 4.5 credits
  • SHRM / HRCI recertification credits


WSIA Members - $225, full breakfast and lunch included

Additional members from same organization - $150 each

Non-member guests - $350

Hotel Information

Embassy Suites SeaTac/Tukwila, 15920 W Valley Hwy, Seattle, Washington 98188

Click here for hotel information

Cancellation Information

A cancellation fee of $75 will be charged for cancellations received by September 16, 2016.  This is to offset the cost of room rental, reserved meals, and conference material production.

No credit will be given for cancellations made after September 16, 2016.