Claims Management Webinar II: Effective Consultant Use for 'Plus' Claims Results

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10 a.m. — 11:30 a.m.

Do you have claims that are difficult and challenging to manage? Could the involvement of a consultant help produce a better a better outcome for the worker and employer?

Led by Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Julie Busch from Strategic Consulting Services, Inc. and experienced Claims Examiner Charita Dumas, this webinar will share their expertise and knowledge and answer your questions on the best use of consultants for successful claims outcomes.

Questions addressed will include the why, how, when and where for using consultants for positive claims resolution. How do you best identify whether additional assistance help claims management, and if so, how do you best sort out the right service among the professional fields that assist and support claims?

While not every claim situation is right for consultants, Julie and Charita will share real life experiences on what the effective use of consultants looks like

Continuing Education Credit Hours

1.5 WWCP Credits, L&I CEU Credits pending