Claims Management Webinar I: New WAC Changes for Mental Health Conditions

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10 a.m. — 11:30 a.m.

We think that Washington is a hard place to file an injury or occupational disease claim for psychiatric diagnoses. Yet, even with a high bar for allowance, many of our most difficult claims have psychiatric components. Natalee Fillinger, former Self-Insurance Program Manager and current attorney with Holmes, Weddle and Barcott, will share with us the kinds of claims that are allowed for mental health in Washington. Washington has some very specific rules regarding the kinds of claims and psychiatric care allowed and authorized for industrial injuries. Natalee will discuss how Washington's stringent laws fit within the context of the adoption of the DSM V by the Department of Labor & Industries.

Continuing Education Credit Hours

1.5 Statutory WWCP Credits, 1 Legal and .5 Credits for L&I CEU