• In each subsequent three-year period following your designation, you must attain 45 Continuing Education Credits (CECs).
  • WSIA will track CEC activity for you; however it is your responsibility to submit CECs to us. Submittals must be received by WSIA within 30 days after the end of each three year cycle and can be made by e-mail.
  • If you have credits exceeding the requirements in a particular three-year period you may apply up to 10 credits to the next three-year period, provided:
    1.  The carry-over credits have been earned in the last 12 months.
    2.  You must send a specific request to WSIA for credits to be carried over.
  • WSIA retains the sole right to determine the number of credits awarded for each class or program. (One CEC will be approximately equivalent to one hour of instruction).
  • The number of qualified credits for each WSIA program will be provided on the program’s brochure/flyer and on the WSIA Web site. Examples of WSIA programs for which you may receive credits:
         Training Classes (Introduction to Claims, Complex Claims, Wage Calculations, Legal Workshop, etc.)
         Regional Meetings
         Training offered by Associate Members (attorney firms, vocational counselors, etc.)
  • You may, upon request, earn credits for teaching/speaking at WSIA sponsored programs. WSIA’s Training Coordinator will determine the number of credits.
  • WWCP designees who wish to obtain credits for classes/programs outside WSIA may submit a timed agenda, clearly explaining the topics covered, for review and credit award. These may be emailed to the Training Coordinator. Examples:
         L&I Workshops
         College Courses
         Professional Organizations (Professionals in Workers’ Comp, Lormans, etc.)
         Company-sponsored in-house trainings

WSIA will send each designee an annual notice showing the designee’s CEC tracking record (indicating the number of credits submitted to date). It is the designee’s responsibility to submit CECs in a timely manner.